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Edo komon Cashmere Reversible Mufflers

EK-KH-01CM 33,000YEN (tax-included)
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The mufflers have been completed by Edo komon by the traditional craftsman in collaboration with Habutae and cashmere. Why not enjoy the casual coolness of Edo !

Edo komon Cashmere Reversible Mufflers
27.5cm x 150cm
made in Japan

With Quality time produced by top quality material as a concept, Yubo Hirose, third generation, created mufflers collaborated with cashmere and dyeing by Yubo Hirose, traditional craftsman who has never appeared in public arena.

Exquisite designs of Edo komon are hand woven one by one by craftsmen. These are soulful mufflers hand made by craftsmen with their fastidious principles. Habutae,ˇˇflat woven silk representing Japanese silk fabric, is light, lustrous and soft, which is used for the highest lining of kimono.

Also Habutae is of very good texture as well as very durable fabric, which is well known as the material of scarves used habitually by pilots of kamikaze zero fighters during the war. Back in those days, they had no raider, so they had to turn their necks around thousands times to search for their counterparts airplanes. Habutae was durable enough to such way of using. It was also used for parachute material during the wartime.

Edo komon is cool because it looks plain at first glance from a distance but when looked closely, delicate designs come up, which is casual, modest and even beautiful. Making most use of natural resources, and sensibility that it is beautiful all the more because it is simple. This is Japanese aesthetic feeling. The mufflers have been completed by Edo komon by the traditional craftsman in collaboration with Habutae and cashmere. Why not enjoy the casual coolness of Edo !

Black komon patterns: Black plum & pot
Dark red Komon patterns : Navy lozenge-patterned chrysanthemum
[Materials]: Komon Habutae: 100% silk, Plain cashmere: 100% cashmere
[Size]: 27.5cm x 150cm
[Weight]: 110g
Made in Japan Dry cleaning only


1) When ordering the product, put it into the shopping cart with the color selected. If the color is not displayed on the pull-down menu, this color is out of stock. Please select other color.
If you have any questions about availability, please contact our Support Center.

2) The actual color and position of the pattern may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

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04.Black 04.Black 04.Black
10.Bordeaux 10.Bordeaux 10.Bordeaux

Profile of the Maker

Komon Hirose Hirose Dye Works

Description of Business: Edo komon dyeing, Dyeing and finishing of Silk, KOMON HIROSE Brand, manufacturing and sales of clothing –related Interior accessory

1918 Founded
1956 Hirose dye works established in Meguro, Moved to Ochiai ,Shinjuku-ku and hitherto existing
1975 Edo komon accredited as Intangible Cultural Heritage Pattern Dyeing
1999 Certified as Traditional Craftsman by Ministry of International Trade Industry
2006 Embarked on Komon Hirose

With bona fide Traditional Craft to continue to be provided in the world as his principle, Yubo Hirose ,traditional craftsman, has played a central role in establishing a new brand of Komon Hirose.

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