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RK06KS006A 55,000YEN (tax-included)
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This work seems to be a ship of celestial being floating in the heavens.
It seems to be the Treasure Ship which is more gorgeous when you arrange a flower.
Body: Wood
Inside of vase: ƣң
31cm x 53cm x 31cm, WT4.6kg

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Profile of the Artist

10. Kasho


Creating of Floral Vase from Wood with Soul

About Raw Materials
Raw materials are driftwood, buried roots, spunk, rough wood, etc. Almost all of the current 300 materials on hand were buried in the mountains and parts of the decayed roots. As it has been several decades since they changed to stumps, quite a few of them can not be classified even by the professional eyes.

As I put a high priority on characteristics of each one of wood, I dare to make it a rule to disregard ranks of Noble Wood. Those pieces of wood are hard and those of good luster are a bit more expensive. Their true value that stay inside are hard to detect before they are, in fact, completely polished.

Work Process
First of all, I begin to work by talking to the wood with my evil thoughts expelled and soul of my own sanctified. All of a sudden , for a certain moment, a complete image of that wood can be seen to my full satisfaction. When my soul gets dark, however, none of its images appear, which gives me the hardest time of it. First, along with its image, a rough lay-out of overall design is made with a chain saw. Next, the decayed or vermiculated parts are chipped off with a wire brush to have its hard core part appear. With powered or air revolving tools chosen out of more than 100 ones, it is polished from coarse to smooth, finally finished with a sand paper of No.300 400, and polishing is completed when the detailed parts are cleaned.

For its makeup in finish, oil is applied for further preservation, wiped away, and polished with a buff. In doing so, finally, a floral vase is reproduced ,having a deep complexion which has not recognized yet in rough wood and a stately atmosphere is created by Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese traditional and ultimate beauty.Some of them perform a harmonized unification, combined with a few pieces of them. Root, finally, is restored with a name inscribed.

Born in the western end of Hyogo on January 5, Coming - of - Age Day in the year when World War 2 broke out.

1970 or so
Hearing the sound Wood, I created the first work of Floral Vase with Wood and Soul. Was a dull boy. For the first time, I was praised by my mother for the work, which brought me confidence. After that, continued to create floral vases as a hobby, all of which were sold though ,experiencing the varied twist and turn of life. 200 to 300 works went out into the marketplace before I turned pro.

At long last, I determined to work my way to a woodcrafter. A considerable amount of hardships was anticipated due to an unprecedented road to a woodcrafter. Could ask nothing better for further challenge because of its difficulty, trembling with excitement.

Happy day of 2006
Will never fail to pave the way for this challenge. So inspiring as to raise my followers. Figurative beauty of life of Wood does not look by any possibility as if humans can ever reach. As my role, all I could do is just find out something good about wood and bring out its most valuable forms. The true creator is ,in fact, Life of Nature. To pass its beauty down generations is my mission, I believe.

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