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00)Japanese Pattern Double-holed Belt (Chirimen/Gold Brocade)

CW-CL-201 3,080YEN (tax-included)
Color:Customer service, Shipping/Payment Cost, Convert ¥ to $

Japanese patterned Crape
Gold Brocade
best matches a dull finished silver buckle.

Double-holed Belt of
Chirimen Japanese Pattern
Gold Brocade
size: 4cm x 110cm
made in Japan

The Belt giving cool-looking image also perfectly fits jeans and casual wears as one focus of fashion.
Easily adjustable length! Take the buckle off and cut the length to adjust !
Also suitable for men as well because it is made longer.
[Raw Materials] Polyester Crape, Rayon Jacquard Satin

Gold Brocade color has premium accents.
[Raw Materials] Polyester, metalized yarn


1) When ordering the product, put it into the shopping cart with the color selected. If the color is not displayed on the pull-down menu, this color is out of stock. Please select other color.
If you have any questions about availability, please contact our Support Center.

2) The actual color and position of the pattern may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

[Click on the following images to enlarge]
Example of use 1 (37.Violet/Red) Example of use 2 (90.Black/White II) Example of use 3 (16.Iron-Dark blue)
86.Cherry/Black 88.Cherry/Red 150.Brocade White/Gold
153.Brocade Dark blue/Gold 146.Siver/Chrysanth 157.Brocade Red/Black
187.Brocade Cherry/Black 188.Brocade Chrysanth/Black 148.Gray/Chrysanth
190.Black/Bordeaux III 197.Brocade Cherry/Black Gold 198.Brocade Cherry/Violet
266.Chirimen 270.Chirimen 272.Chirimen
274.Chirimen 275.Chirimen 276.Chirimen
771.Kinran 774.Kinran 775.Kinran
776.Kinran 777.Kinran 778.Kinran
279.Chirimen 278.Chirimen 779.Kinran
780.Kinran 781.Kinran 301.Chirimen
303.Chirimen 304.Chirimen 170.BlackRed/Flower
201.Chirimen 238.Chirimen 281.Chirimen
282.Chirimen 283.Chirimen 783.Kinran
784.Kinran 206.Chirimen 210.Chirimen
175.Chirimen 752.Kinran 782.Kinran
785.Kinran 786.Kinran 787.Kinran
122.Gray 124.Cherry/Karashi 315.Chirimen
788.Kinran 125.Cherry/Pink 126.Cherry/Matcha
127.Cherry/Violet 128.Gray 149.Bordeaux/Chrysanth

Profile of the Maker


COCOLUCK Corporation

The companyˇÇs predecessor is a textile manufacturer who continued to sell materials centering upon wool to major textile wholesalers and apparel firms over several decades in the Aichi prefecture. Reborn to make most of their rich experiences in the textile industry, the company provides crape accessories keeping a sense of fun in mind together with Delight of Seeing and Delight of Wearing, by domestically producing ,raw material –oriented , strong and colorful Polyester Crape.

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