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1)Bangasa (for rain)

WG-FS-300-01 9,460YEN (tax-included)
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Why do not you be cool and feel the atmosphere of Wagasa, or the pattering sound of rain with Wagasa.

Bangasa (for rain)
made in Japan

Column:Introduction to WAGASA (traditional Japanese umbrella)

Bangasa, or coarse oil paper umbrella is stronger and stouter than Authentic Janome, or high quality oil paper rain umbrella, which comes in color of white.
It used to be a typical rain gear for home. The word of Ban used for Bangasa, Ban-cha, or coarse green teas, or obanzai, or home daily dishes prepared, means daily used, or simple and humble. This can be said to represent a Japanese Culture.

Here comes an origin of Bangasa as well: one is that the umbrella maker who made an umbrella stamped his seal of name (pronounced as han or ban) on Bangasa umbrella.Another is that Japanese inns stamped the number one by one on their spare umbrellas (rental for free charge) so that those umbrellas will not be lost. Today, some Japanese high quality inns actively use Bangas a as their spare (or rental) umbrellas.

The longer Bangasa is used, the more lighter- candy colored Bangasa turns , into the one of deep taste . In recent years, some males revived Bangasa, enjoying the unique atmosphere of Bangasa not experienced in western-style rain umbrellas. it is nice to hear the pattering sound of Bangasa.

* Naming: separately charged. 5,000 per name(up to 4characters).
Takes 1 to 2 weeks per naming separately from production.
Please send e-mail to Wa no Wa Supporter Center
* Paper of Rokuro at hand comes in color of dark blue ,but sometime different from that of a picture .Head is black.

Bamboo Frames of Japanese Maedake make Length of Frames: 56cm, 46 Frames
Middle Shaft: Maedake Handle., Length: 74cm, Metal Eye Hole (stopper): 1 piece
Handle Bamboo: Raw material used as is.
Washi, Japanese Paper: Hand-made thick Washi, Color: white Papering: 4 sheets of Washi papers used
In finish: oil used same as practical one, Painted in brown the upper parts of Frames. A real leather hanger attached to the vinyl paper used for the head.

NOTICEWhen ordering the product, put it into the shopping cart with the naming selected. Plese select "No naming" or "One naming" or "Two namings.

[Click on the following images to enlarge]
Closed Handle Head
Head 2 (open) Kobone Rokuro
Kobone 2 Naming (sample) Naming (sample) close up

Profile of the Maker

Fujisawa Shoten Co.Ltd.

Traditional Japanese umbrella company
Established in 1931

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