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Japanese pattern Wallet, Purse & Coin Case

Japanese Pattern Bag

Japanese Pattern Belt

Caps of Japanese patterns

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces


Edo Komon[Komon Hirose]

Traditional Japanese umbrellas

Bamboo bags

Chirimen Japanese Pattern fashion accessory

Yamato Tokorotani Japanese Pattern Sandals

Japanese Pattern Bag/Purse

Japanese Pattern/Kimono Remake shirt

Caps of Japanese patterns

Japanese Paper interwoven Bag

Japanese Products for New Year


Handcrafted Accessory

Calligraphy(Design frame)

Calligraphy(Colored paper)

Japanese paper molding (Washi)

Calligraphy & Illustration

Kimono Remake

Leather Craft


Bamboo Bug

Wood floral vase

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"Wo no Wa (R)" is a registered trademark of OHAKOYA Corp.
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No. 303310606246
authorized by TOKYO Metropolitan Public Safety Commission


    • Q1.Can I select the payment options and currency?

    A1.In Japan: C.O.D., Credit card payment, postal transfer prepayment and bank transfer prepayment.
    From overseas: Paypal.
    Please note that we can accept a payment only in Japanese yen.

    • Q2.Does it cost any customs for overseas delivery?

    A2.There might be an extra charge (ex: customs) for overseas delivery. Please be advised that the expense related to the customs formalities is your responsibility. The customs formalities vary according to countries you are to ship to, please ask the details to the customs that has the jurisdiction over your area. You supposed to be the importer from "Wa no Wa" (OHAKOYA Corp.) on paper. Please follow the local law and the rules in the country of the recipient.
    Regarding to overseas delivery, the value should be listed by type of goods on a tariff document. Please note that a recipient should incur cost related to custom fee even if goods with the mention of "gift" on a tariff document.

    • Q3.Can I track my order?

    A3.You can track your order both in Japan and overseas. Notice of Shipment is sent to you by E-mail on the day your order has been shipped out. You can check your shipping status online by using the tracking number provided by this notice. (Some locations excluded.)

    • Q4.Could you gift-wrap your goods with order? How much is the charge?

    A4.There is no charge for this service. Please ask your server when you place an order.

    • Q5.How long is it required in advance to cancel an order? Can I return my order or exchange it ?

    A5.Normal cancellations before shipping will be accepted free of charge. We will not accept special order (ex. original goods and goods with your name on) cancellations after your order. In case of a normal order, we can accept returned goods at your request only if it has not been in use and you have contacted us at our support center within two weeks after your receipt. Customer is responsible for all expenses regarding to an order (ex: shipping charges and charge for service). We will reimburse you, but not the expenses.

    • Q6.How do you respond in case we receive damaged goods?

    A6.In case that we recognize the product as defective and that a product is different from the one we have announced, you can refund or exchange it for a non-defective product subject to your contact us at the support center within two weeks after your receipt.

    • Q7.Can I make a request to produce original goods for me?

    A7.It might depend on your request, but we are happy to respond to the request as completely as possible. Please send us an e-mail at "Inquiry".

    • Q8.Can I mail to the artist directly?

    A8.Sorry, we can not accept that. Please mail us at the support center of "Wa no Wa".

    • Q9.I would like to provide my works as an artist and write columns on your web. Could you tell me the process to do that?

    A9.Please e-mail us at our Ohako Support Center at ( We will contact you.