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Woven-up Japanese Calligraphy


I was born in a house of the fabric weaver surrounded by the nature of green. Kee-ton-ton, Ba-totton, weaving sounds of loom, crossing warp and sliding weft between warps, are absorbed into the woods, plants in which add colors to the woven fabric.

The sound of a weaving loom was not only a lullaby but something like air to me. Before creating a work, I make a point of carefully making the concept of methods of using space, planning the layout of letters, expressing how I feel like spun threads were woven up carefully step by step.

Spending a lot of time at this stage to work out the image, a work will grow close to perfection as if fabric were finished in weaving. Sometimes they say that my works look like Running or Playing a percussion musical instrument, in part because, believe, the rhythm of an instrument stays in me and accordingly my works of calligraphy bring in something of rythum.

Power of my own is just like a thin and slim thread. However, warp crossed with weft weaving its way upto completion of fabric weaving, my works on reaching you, may turn to be a woven-up calligraphy, perfection of my work in the true meaning, I hope.

Profile of the Artist

14. Orie Yoshida

Orie Yoshida

Began learning calligraphy at the age of 6. Became pupil of schools. Still learning calligraphy under a master, she continues her art activities for exhibit.
Mindful of beauty of Japanese language and heart of harmony to be conveyed, she creates works expressing not only in classics but in the spoken language. Won a prize in the ninth Sankei Internatuional Calligraphy Exhibituion in 1992 and was a prize winner in the 58 the Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition in 2006. Award winners in public exhibitions.
Currently member of Japan Commerce Calligraphers Association

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