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Japanese Pattern cigarette case

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces (Chirimen)

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces (Chirimen)

Japanese Pattern Double-holed Belt (Chirimen/Gold Brocade)

Japanese Pattern Fleece Crepe Scarf

Japanese Pattern Fleece Crepe Scarf

Japanese Pattern KARAKURI-TAMASHII Cap

Japanese Pattern Battoumusume Cap

Japanese Pattern KARAKURI-TAMASHII Cap

Japanese Pattern cigarette case

Japanese Pattern Double-holed Belt (Chirimen/Gold Brocade)

Japanese Pattern Long Wallet

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Japanese pattern Wallet, Purse & Coin Case

Japanese Pattern Bag

Japanese Pattern Belt

Caps of Japanese patterns

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces


Edo Komon[Komon Hirose]

Traditional Japanese umbrellas

Bamboo bags

Chirimen Japanese Pattern fashion accessory

Yamato Tokorotani Japanese Pattern Sandals

Japanese Pattern Bag/Purse

Japanese Pattern/Kimono Remake shirt

Caps of Japanese patterns

Japanese Paper interwoven Bag

Japanese Products for New Year


Handcrafted Accessory

Calligraphy(Design frame)

Calligraphy(Colored paper)

Japanese paper molding (Washi)

Calligraphy & Illustration

Kimono Remake

Leather Craft


Bamboo Bug

Wood floral vase

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Japanese culture introduction

 In this corner, we introduce you many kind of information about Japan in the form of column. You can read the history of Japan, or traditional culture and arts by authority. And also you might see trivia from normal Japanese, Japanese wonderful part and special kind of Japanese custom that foreign resident in Japan felt. You are searchable from the columnist or the column. Have a good time!

  • Recommending Ekiben (Train Station Lunch Box)
    Recommending Ekiben (Train Station Lunch Box) Japanese once ramified railroads into the length and breadth of a net in not so large a national land. And when automobiles or airplanes did not yet have mass a... 

    ( 03/28/2006 )

  • Children's Festivals in Japan
    Children's Festivals in Japan Girls: Hina Matsuri Celebrated on March 3, Hina Matsuri(Doll's Festival), formally known as Momo no Sekku(Peach Blossoms Festival) is for girls. It is a time wh... 

    ( 03/03/2006 )

    INSPIRE Art of Black and WhiteCalligraphy is fused with a bright world of space and expression . That is what I have been searching after. The moment classical notion ... 

    ( 02/10/2006 )

  • The Traditional Culture of Bamboo
    The Traditional Culture of Bamboo Bamboo is a plant which grows up in the temperate and humid environment, the country of origin of which is Southeast Asia centering upon the equator . Typical g... 

    ( 01/27/2006 )

  • Tsubakiya SPIRIT
    Tsubakiya SPIRIT I love "Japan".I am proud to be Japanese and I'm happy to be born in this country. Nevertheless I like to travel because I'm curious in my nature. I want to ex... 

    ( 12/12/2005 )

  • Wa
    Wa Wa has the following meaning.1. To get along well and take good care of each other and cooperate2. To Get harmony3. Addition4. Japan, Japanese thingsThe name of... 

    ( 11/21/2005 )

  • Tairo Kinpu
    Tairo Kinpu Now is the beautiful season of red/yellow leaves of autumn. Fresh and green trees in early summer are marvelously getting into red and yellow, showing the splen... 

    ( 11/08/2005 )

  • The Tokonoma
    The Tokonoma The tokonoma is a traditional, classic feature of Japanese style rooms. The tokonoma is one of the most important places in a house. It is usually located in ... 

    ( 10/01/2005 )

  • Byobu
    Byobu Japanese screens, "byobu" in the Japanese language, were originally used to separate rooms and as enclosures for intimate spaces, one such use was to hide objec... 

    ( 10/01/2005 )

  • Saiseki & Shousyo
    Saiseki & Shousyo I have tried promoting my hometown Yoshii-machi in Gunma prefecture aiming for the Tago stone monument in the town to be designated a national treasure and worl... 

    ( 10/01/2005 )

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