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Japanese Pattern cigarette case

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces (Chirimen)

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces (Chirimen)

Japanese Pattern Double-holed Belt (Chirimen/Gold Brocade)

Japanese Pattern Fleece Crepe Scarf

Japanese Pattern Fleece Crepe Scarf

Japanese Pattern KARAKURI-TAMASHII Cap

Japanese Pattern Battoumusume Cap

Japanese Pattern KARAKURI-TAMASHII Cap

Japanese Pattern cigarette case

Japanese Pattern Double-holed Belt (Chirimen/Gold Brocade)

Japanese Pattern Long Wallet

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Japanese pattern Wallet, Purse & Coin Case

Japanese Pattern Bag

Japanese Pattern Belt

Caps of Japanese patterns

Japanese Pattern Shoe laces


Edo Komon[Komon Hirose]

Traditional Japanese umbrellas

Bamboo bags

Chirimen Japanese Pattern fashion accessory

Yamato Tokorotani Japanese Pattern Sandals

Japanese Pattern Bag/Purse

Japanese Pattern/Kimono Remake shirt

Caps of Japanese patterns

Japanese Paper interwoven Bag

Japanese Products for New Year


Handcrafted Accessory

Calligraphy(Design frame)

Calligraphy(Colored paper)

Japanese paper molding (Washi)

Calligraphy & Illustration

Kimono Remake

Leather Craft


Bamboo Bug

Wood floral vase

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Japanese culture introduction

 In this corner, we introduce you many kind of information about Japan in the form of column. You can read the history of Japan, or traditional culture and arts by authority. And also you might see trivia from normal Japanese, Japanese wonderful part and special kind of Japanese custom that foreign resident in Japan felt. You are searchable from the columnist or the column. Have a good time!

  • Satsuki (May)
    Satsuki (May) Satsuki is May in lunar calendar. There are many words reflecting the season beginning with SA like Satsuki, Sakura (cherry), Samidare (early summer rain) Saoto... 

    ( 10/09/2006 )

  • Minazuki (June)
    Minazuki (June) June is written as Month with no water, if translated literally word by word, and is read minazuki under the lunar calendar. The month is not the one with no wa... 

    ( 10/09/2006 )

  • Fumizuki (July)
    Fumizuki (July) In Japan, July is called Fumizuki,or Fuzuki in the lunar calendar. There are hypothesis that Fumizuki originated in the season when ears of rice paddies grow, ... 

    ( 10/08/2006 )

  • Hazuki (August)
    Hazuki (August) According to the Japanese lunar calendar, August , as Fall when leaves start to fall, is called Haochitzuki, or Month of falling leaves or Hazuki ,or month of ... 

    ( 10/08/2006 )

  • Nagatuski (September)
    Nagatuski (September) According to the Japanese lunar calendar. September was called Nagatsuki. There are several ideas about the origins of the name, but the most favored one has it... 

    ( 09/15/2006 )

  • The fairy tale of the Grateful Crane
    The fairy tale of the Grateful Crane It's been about 14 years since I was engaged in hand weaving job. I have been insufficiently trained, but it was not until recently that my weaving machine has ... 

    ( 08/01/2006 )

  • Kodama, Wood with Soul ( rhymed with wood and soul )
    Kodama, Wood with Soul ( rhymed with wood and soul ) Wood keeps silent and says nothing, but it is heard. It is nothing but God.About 35 years ago from now, I went home in Hyogo prefecture, to live along aimlessly... 

    ( 07/08/2006 )

  • Introduction to WAGASA
    (Japanese traditional umbrella)
    Introduction to WAGASA<BR>(Japanese traditional umbrella) Various natural materials, such as bamboo, washi, cashew and tapioca, are transformed into Wagasa through the hands of more than 10 highly experienced craftspeo... 

    ( 06/21/2006 )

    MY DETERMINATION I do not think I have any talent, except that I have my strong will that I won’t lose and vitality of making efforts.Nothing in particular does not come to my m... 

    ( 05/10/2006 )

  • Replica Food
    Replica Food Though not at a very expensive restaurant, but it is seen to be displayed in the show window near the entrance of every restaurant with the common touch. It alw... 

    ( 04/03/2006 )

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