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Japanese Pattern Sandal

Japanese Pattern Sandal

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Japanese Pattern Shoe laces (Chirimen)

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Japanese Pattern Fleece Crepe Scarf

Japanese Pattern KARAKURI-TAMASHII Cap

Japanese Pattern Battoumusume Cap

Japanese Pattern KARAKURI-TAMASHII Cap

Japanese Pattern cigarette case

Japanese Pattern Double-holed Belt (Chirimen/Gold Brocade)

Japanese Pattern Long Wallet

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Cherry blossoms


Kazariya-Shirogane makes a point of taking good care of Cherry blossoms, because the basics of Beauty which I put thought into are flowers, and above all, Cherry in particular, has internal Beauty, as my goal.

I believe no flowers can infatuate us other than splendor of Cherry for those viewers, regardless of when in buds, when in full bloom, when caught in a cherry storm. This is what accessories or the like which we wear should be in essence.

Kazariya-Shirogane believes the very accessories appealing to those wearers make them more beautiful and cooler. Here exists Cherry as my target. I would like to convey to those wearers, Awesome Beauty, floral words of Cherry, through accessories. At the same time, I strongly believe that Cherry expresses the basics of Japanese traditional sense of beauty.

Cherry blossoms are not necessarily beautiful only when in their full bloom. It is because that they preserve their power for the rest of 350 days to their possible extent of making cherries come into full bloom only about 10 days, not drying up further, at once as cherries remain beautiful, and furthermore, even the fading cherries pass away, strongly impressing cherries at their best on us. I believe it is there that the genuine value of cherry exists.

That is to say, it is a Noble appearance. This Nobleness is a traditional Spiritual Approach cherished by Japanese. It is because that since the Heian era, Samurai families have loved it. As a samurai, as a Japanese male way of living, and a daily preservation in his effort and his graciousness of knowing when to leave, all of which seem to have long been lost in today Japan.

As Kazariya, I believe what I create must inherit that spirit, which is a lesson for myself. On the other hand, I wish something spiritual as above mentioned would be understood by my customers. Mindful of what has been implied above, Cherry is very, very important.

Kazariya-Shirogane List of products

Necklace of dancing flower, Sakura (Cherry)
Necklace of dancing flower, Sakura (Cherry)

············ 8,100YEN
Necklace in Rin (Dignity)
Necklace in Rin (Dignity)

············ 16,200YEN
Necklace in Chiyo (Chiyo figured papers )
Necklace in Chiyo (Chiyo figured papers )

············ 9,720YEN
Finger accessories in Chiyo (Chiyo figured papers )
Finger accessories in Chiyo (Chiyo figured papers )

············ 12,960YEN
Wristlet in Chiyo (Chiyo figured papers )
Wristlet in Chiyo (Chiyo figured papers )

············ 19,440YEN
Finger accessories floating in the air
Finger accessories floating in the air

············ 16,200YEN

Profile of the Artist

08. Kazariya-Shirogane


Born in Yamanashi-ken in February in 1977
Entered Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College in 2000
Started art activities as a predecessor Love-All
Changed the name of Love –All to Kazariya-Shirogane in 2005

Mindful of accessories created by Japanese as well as the Japanese sense. I am making creative works to express Genuine Harmony. Genuine Harmony Kazariya aims at, I believe, is not Something Japanese with Japanese traditional designs or techniques superficially innovated, but the spirit nurtured by Japanese, or something agreed with and interpreted by exquisite, rich sense and sensibility.

I am proud to say, however, that with this kept in mind, no doubt I am able to create novel and fresh accessories which you have never seen, or to the extent that those wearers are accentuated both body and soul. And I will be more than happy if you would love and wear those accessories which I will create.

I would appreciate it very much if you would give me a patronage as I would try my best to pave the way for my creative works, though I am still a novice.

Other works