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Art of Black and White
Calligraphy is fused with a bright world of space and expression .
That is what I have been searching after.

The moment classical notion of art gets together with modern notion of art, a new world is created out there. Canvas clashes against sensibility and then a soul is inspired, where solid inspiration exists and I can identify solid myself .

Where nothing turns to be nothing , letters present themselves through me as a human being. Nerve –stretched moment is indescribably irresistible to me, because I feel as if subject of me and object emerging , naturally merged into one with no intention.
How wonderful could it be if I shared the very wonder with many people .It is neither figuration nor appearance. It is the meaning and the essence that count, because I always and sincerely must watch myself in a broader point of view.

I can be the most honest when I face Writing. Our everyday life is full of lies and deception. The ugliness is void and empty in the behavior of Writing. So, I wish to express myself through Writing which inspires various scenes of daily life in me , bringing fresh images and ideas to me. Trusting my sensitivity, I would like to establish the world of my own. That's the way, I believe , I should behave as an artist.

Hoping to inspire as many people as possible, even one more single person, and meet as many people as many can be, I will devote my life to Writing.Various meetings and experiences can grow me big and give me power that can create something new.

Through collaborations with the varied fields, I will quest for possibility of Writing..
I hope to further pass Beauty of Japan on to the world. That is what I honestly wish.

(Translator: Shigeo Takao)

Eriko Maruyama List of products

Flowers in snow
Flowers in snow

············ 22,000YEN

············ 22,000YEN

············ 22,000YEN

Profile of the Artist

06. Eriko Maruyama


She was born in Osaka on April 26th, 1984. She has started Japanese calligraphy at 2 years old and won many prizes.At the age of a high school student, it is held the first private exhibition of Japanese calligraphy and ink painting.(Eriko Maruyama calligraphy and painting exhibition).In 03, she entered into Waseda University. Now, she is 4th year of this university.
In 04, she won the prize of Nikasyo and was accepted at the Mainiti calligraphy exhibition.In 05, she won the prize of Nikasyo and was accepted at the Mainiti calligraphy exhibition.
In Sep.05, it is held the exhibition of Japanese calligraphy "Hutariten" at Ikebukuro. ("Yippee" Eriko Maruyama & Kanako Nemoto "Hutariten")

*If you want to make a request to produce original goods besides a publication work, please send us an e-mail at "Inquiry". We can provide original goods of Japanese calligraphy, (a work of a letter desired, a welcome signboard for party and a bottle label, etc.). We show an estimate after having confirmed your request. We are very happy to respond to your request as completely as possible.

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