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Saiseki & Shousyo


I have tried promoting my hometown Yoshii-machi in Gunma prefecture aiming for the Tago stone monument in the town to be designated a national treasure and world heritage with calligraphy, related to the elegant style of the inscription on the monument. The first thing I decide before starting was my °»Gagou°… (°»Gagou°… means a nickname or a pen name.) I finally selected °»Saiseki°… (It measn a broken stone) as my Gagou. Saiseki can be seen everywhere and is very familiar, but provide a significant contribution behind the scenes such as in the foundations of homes and concrete. It also means broken soul of the King David in BC.

What I have written are °»Shousyo°… . °»Shousyo°… means the style of calligraphy that makes everyone smile and heal everyone°«s sorrow and worries. This style is not difficult to write at all, so anyone can produce a great work in the style.

I have written with some concept. I have had many private exhibitions of my calligraphy works with each concept. My works I provide at °»Wa no Wa°… are referred to as either concept.

1)Oyama no °»kana Bunbun°… exhibition
The humorous exhibition of the works written in only °»Hiragana°… or °»Katakana°…

2)°»Nasai°… (= Do it!) exhibition
We have the right to self-determination and self-responsibility on our life. Do it (something good or something bad). You Are The Choice.

3)°»Yanyan sheep°… exhibition
The exhibition of the works with the one character which left-hand radical is sheep in the motif of Mr.°…Gijin You(sheep)dafu°… (the mayor of Tago-gun, the first international city in Japan)

4)°»Boke°… (=stooge) exhibition
The exhibition of the works with a dot that I have made by accident during producing a work attached as the star. The exhibitions consist on four parts: life of the dot, Kana, Kanji and nice comeback. When we extend a dot we will make a line. All words are made with °»dots°… or °»line°…. So a dot is the starting point of all words. And when a dot happens to stooge, it turns to be an art. The Nakayoshi Boke ten (= Buddy-Buddy dots of stooge) holding hands with each other is my trademark.

5)°»Haji Kakimasyo°… (=let°«s feel humiliated) exhibition
The exhibition of the works with my embarrassing memory (or funny story) on the °»Haji°… (=edge) of a paper.

I have named my °»Shousyoen°… (=the garden of °»Shousyo°…) as °»Yamanne°…. About 300 of my works are exhibited there. I named so, because we can°«t stop smiling (= Yamanne) with °»Syousyo°…. I also established the private tutoring school for comedian calligrapher. I also have the calligraphy class named °»Comedian calligraphy school°…. If you would like to visit the class, please free to contact me at °»Wa no Wa°…. I would try to continue sending my works with the concept from Yoshii-machi in Gunma, the place that has the Tago stone monument and that is closely connected with writing.

Saiseki List of products


············ 7,560YEN
Though it is difficult, I can manage it
Though it is difficult, I can manage it

············ 7,560YEN
It's bad that you only study. we need love
It's bad that you only study. we need love

············ 7,560YEN
To want oneself to do it
To want oneself to do it

············ 8,640YEN
All are the same
All are the same

············ 8,640YEN
No worries
No worries

············ 8,640YEN

Profile of the Artist

09. Saiseki


He is born in Yoshii-machi, Gunma prefecture on July 11, 1954. The Tago stone monument assumed to have been built in 711 in commemoration of the birth of Tago-county (the first international cultural joint city in Japan.) which is centered around Yoshii-machi, his hometown.
The inscription on the monument has been adopted in Chinese Kaisho dictionary "Kaihosogen" as a elegant style of writing.
He was born and grew up in such a place that is closely connected with writing. In 2002 he started to work fully in writing (calligraphy) to promote the town aiming for the Tago monument to be designated a national treasure and world heritage, and debut as a "Shoushoka" by the name of "Shoushotei Saiseki" & as a comedian named "Local government employee ĘŚ2°…. Through the private exhibition requested at the Gunma Prefectural government and the other opportunities.
he has developed the original style of calligraphy with unique humor. Now he has his own permanent space named "Yamanenne" and about 300 of his works are exhibited there. He also has the calligraphy class named "Comedian calligraphy school".

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